Build Six-Figure Organic Revenue &


as a Founder.

Y Launch gives business owners the proven step-by-step plan to scale, without pumping paid ads, guaranteed.

How To Build a $50k/m YouTube Income and Make Beautiful Netflix Style Content.


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Listen. We've Entered an Attention Economy

It's a pivotal time in online entrepreneurship.

This new golden era allows you to turn views into strong business cashflow and influence.

You may have tried adapting, but you're copying other peoples content and success...

Instead of creating your own.

Grow a Rapidly Successful Business In 2024.

Completely Location Free:

Learn 2024-25 YouTube

From YouTube fundamentals, to trend recognition, tools and much more. Learn how to master the site for conversions and attention.

Craft Your Online Image

Learn how to position a killer online image for both yourself and your business, Execute killer content, correct body language and video shooting.

Master Visuals & Branding

For yourself and your team - Learn the visual, editing and branding workflow Tom's developed with industry leaders over the past 10 years.

Position A Killer $1M+ Offer

Learn how to properly craft and position offers to your new audience. With the most detailed understanding.

Plug-In Sales Processes

Turn organic clicks into sales, smooth like butter, with the perfect sales operations.

Scale All Operations Now With AI

This is where we ramp up both our personal brand and business efforts in parallel.

Learn Foundations of YouTube

Learn the way of personal branding.

Filming Perfect Content

Learn the way of personal branding.

Video Editing Mastery

Learn the way of personal branding.

Create a Solid Offer

Learn the way of personal branding.

Build The Perfect Sales Funnel

Learn the way of personal branding.

Skyrocketing Your Audience

Learn the way of personal branding.

Meet Your Teacher

Renowned for his content and strategy: Tom has generated $30M in product & asset acquisitions through organic marketing alone.

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All within one legendary program.

The quickest route to $100k/m with organic traffic.


Sell on repeat by building a strong cult-like audience on YouTube.


Scale your brand-awareness to millions of views through short form.

Sales Funneling

Optimised for high-ticket, low-ticket and other acquisition processes.

Become Someone.

Scale your business, whilst actively building your names reputation.

What is it?

YL is a mastermind course with digital resources, frequent coaching calls and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The training shows you how to scale with organic traffic.

Who is it for?

YL is for people who already have an established business, but want to scale with predictable organic marketing systems, automation and a lean team.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, implement the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask any questions in the group or on the live calls, follow the process, get results.

Why does it exist?

We created YL because most established business owners are clueless when it comes to achieving financial & influential control organically. Today, it's adapt or die.
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Y Launch is the business owners key to unlock cashflow & influence in this attention economy... without relying on cold ads.

Let us show you exactly how

Everything You Need Inside.

Including the Content Masterclass & Brand Masterclass

The Content Masterclass

For yourself, or your editor - This is our hub to construct masterpieces, one element at a time. Edit with efficiency, craft beautiful animations and info-graphics. Master rhythm, pace and experience. This is the best route to capture a loyal, hungry group of viewers.

The Brand Masterclass

Learn how to create a beautiful brand image for your business. We'll polish your funnels and landing pages, messaging and branding assets. This will ensure full mastery both between your personal brand, and business. You're untouchable.

Sell High & Low Ticket Offers

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, or what product you're selling - there is an audience out there waiting to put trust into your company. Learn from experts how to setup for best success.

Detailed Operations & Structures

Learn smooth content production operations, systems and effective hiring structures as you grow. This section includes in-depth training for each of the team roles.

Mastermind Group

Gain access to our private community that hosts the most sought after marketing talent in all industries. You can ask questions, connect, and learn from the best This alone, is priceless.

+ much more

Show Me

Built For All.

Trusted by thousands in different industries. Select:

Organic marketing content is the most powerful tool you can have in your arsenal for 2024.

Customer acquisition costs $0, the bottleneck is proper execution.

Y Launch gives you everything you need to bring in a strong flow of leads, sales and adaptable attention so that you can flourish as a business and as a leader, no matter the industry.

Being a creator gives you a plethora of opportunity.

As previously mentioned, we live in an attention economy.

Y Launch teaches you how to convert your existing audience into paying customers, whilst simultaneously propelling your exposure to new people.

Stop focusing on basic methodology or posting reels for no-one to see...

This is not classed as marketing, this is a waste of time.

Y Launch teaches you precise organic strategies, paired with team training for each role in both long-form and short-form - To easily surpass $100k/m revenue and 10M+ monthly short-form views.


Program Overview

focus 1


This is a crucial part of your journey. You’ll learn everything to know about the YouTube platform, the algorithm, growth secrets, efficient account setups and how to get nicely setup inside the Y Launch community. Inside you'll be connected with the most dedicated organic marketers online. Learn exactly what I was to teach one of my clients.

focus 2

Crafting Your Online Image

Perception is everything. You can visualise exactly how you want to appear to industries in your head, but it’s difficult to channel it directly into theirs. The art of perception, it's a beautiful but tedious craft. Luckily, this is what i've closely studied, and Y Launch is the only place that teaches it. In this week, we'll show you how to create your precise business and personal look online, and most importantly to keep it in complete parallel with your vision.

focus 3

Building Sales Process & Positioning

Learn how to position your business offer to an ever-growing audience. The great thing about organic marketing - you don't need to be famous to scale. I work alongside entrepreneurs with just 30K subscribers, yet pulling in over $500K/m cash collected. With that in mind, we'll grasp a tight-knit movement between both your business and following, by carefully aligning the offer and the experience each viewer has.

focus 4

Bulletproof Production System

It’s time to create content. Anyone can sit in front of a camera and talk, or hire someone to. However, we dive deep into mastering body language, speech and setup to master our personal image - Then scripting, planning, recording efficiency and file organisation to remove years of stress figuring this out on your own.

focus 5

Use for yourself, or to train your team

The Content & Brand Masterclass

This is where true mastery unveils. I have signed $55,000 deals just to implement my editing experience on a project. Here I am giving it to you. My editing grew the fastest growing finance YouTube channel in history, Iman Gadzhi and created the biggest YouTube events. This content has generated over $12M in digital product sales in just 1 year.

focus 6

Short-Form At Scale

We have everything in place. It’s time to scale brand awareness.
Short form content systemized amongst several platforms allows us to implement true brand/name awareness. This exact team and batching setup that we teach will open up the door to 10-100M views holistically per month.

focus 7

Scaling All Operations & Growth

You will not unlearn/remove the processes and setups taught up until this stage to scale further. This was in-mind carefully since the beginning of the program. We expand efforts and hires needed along your journey to reach $100-500K/m.

Hear It Directly From Our Members

Y Launch’s Course is a game-changer in the digital marketing space. It’s the only program that delivers real results, providing invaluable insights that actually work. The depth of the course modules is remarkable, offering in-depth strategies that are essential for business owners today. If you’re serious about succeeding, this course is a must-have.
Anis B.
336K+ Followers
125M+ client views, NextMove
This is the only program you’ll ever need for building your online image in the attention economy. The credentials it’s backed by are second to none, Y Launch has personally helped me scale my organic acquisition channel and scale with ads, the professionalism and knowledge is unmatched.
Kieran T.
Founder, eCom Playbook
Previously Revenge Co.
Y Launch is simply incredible.

Never seen anything like this and especially with this quality overall. Business owners that apply this will have an edge no doubt.
Jason B.
Founder, Aquafunded
Previously Creators World
This is the only program you’ll ever need for building your online image in the attention economy. The credentials it’s backed by are second to none, Ylaunch has personally helped me scale my organic acquisition channel and scale with ads, the professionalism and knowledge is unmatched.
Nikolai H.
1.4M+ Followers

+ many more

Hours of Content
Video Lessons
Resources & Templates
Revenue Generated

You don’t need any marketing background to see success.

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Y Launch is built for business owners running digital businesses such as info-products, consulting, coaching, agencies, ebooks or similar. The program is designed to scale both high-ticket and low-ticket offers.

YL will teach you: How to launch your online business to a standard of $50K+ per month with organic content acquisition systems. It'll teach you how to grow your reputation as a founder through personal branding, with authority in your industry - The most valuable skills to learn in this attention economy.

Book in a free call here - this call allows us to figure out if you are a good fit for the program and for us to be sure that we can definitely help you achieve the goals that you have. Please note this is not a 'cheap' investment and is only for those that are really committed to their goals. You should be willing to in invest in your transformation to be enrolled into this platform. If not, you aren't ready to join.

Yes we do. "After 6-months of joining the program, if you've attended every coaching call, completed 100% of the action steps & did the required work... if you don't make at least your initial investment back, we will issue a full refund or work with you 1-1 until you do."

After you join, you'll be given a login to your student portal. Within there, you will have the course library, community, and calls ready for access instantly.

Currently, upon joining you will have lifetime access PLUS complimentary upgrades to all future iterations. Soon, this will change for new members.

You will have 1-1 support, weekly coaching with experts and a private community of top tier marketers.

Currently, we're building V1. When you join via early-access, you will be greeted with a complimentary 1-1 diagnosis call (normally $2,000) and of course, lifetime access to all future iterations, on the full understanding that the full curriculum is still being built out.

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